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My Better Health Planner


Health & Fitness Planner



Are you looking for guidance staying on track with your Health & Fitness goals?

Do you have a difficult time sticking to a routine you know you should be doing?

Do you make excuses to yourself for why you haven’t started taking better care of your health?


Introducing the My Better Health Planner!


My Better Health Planner



This planner contains over 18 pages and is the perfect tool for keeping track of all your health and fitness goals. 


My Better Health Planner Overview



Photo of My Better Health Planner opened to My Fitness Goals page



Stay accountable to yourself. With the help of the My Better Health Planner, you’ll stay motivated to achieve your health goals.


It includes:

Overall goal tracking – track your end goal and each small goal that will help you get there

Weekly stats – record your measurements weekly and watch them change as you progress

30 day water challenge – challenge yourself to 30 days of proper water drinking

Sleep tracking monitor your quality and duration of sleep

Fitness tracking – keep on top of your fitness by taking baby steps to reach your end goal

Weight tracking keep a log of each weigh in to keep you on track

Exercise log – record all your exercise, no matter how insignificant


There’s much more – like meal planning, health planning, scheduled check-ups, monthly calendars and a place for all your notes.


Pages in My Better Health Planner


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How much does the My Better Health Planner cost?


I am launching this planner at the affordable price of just $7*


How can you use this planner?


  • *For your own personal use

  • *Give it to your clients/customers



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*Letter size.

*Once purchased, the planner will be delivered in digital files.

*Two versions of the printable file are included – color and black & white.

*This is a downloadable product only, no physical item will be shipped.

*Due to the digital nature of this product, returns/refunds/exchanges cannot be given.

*You may not sell, edit, or claim this digital file as your own.

*Contact Cool Bean Living if you have any questions.


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